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If you can't be bothered actually reading our blog, then check out the video log of all our stories. You'll almost feel like you're right there with us....well sort of. 


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Philip Island is famous for penguins, motorcycles and the chocolate factory. We decided we didn't want to see either of these things. As amazing and fun as I'm sure they are, we were more interested in heading off the beaten track and finding some lesser known wonders of Phillip Island.
Cat and Lawon show you a taste of what Cape Town has to offer....Mountains, Virtual Reality and a great example of an adult tantrum. Head to the blog to hear both sides of the same story.
With thanks to The Wild Collective and Nicky Arthur PR we were able to head off on Safari. Head to our Blog to hear more about our adventure. Music:
A little snap shot of us relaxing/messing around at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Head to to get both sides of the story.
This story is all about a little healthy competition. A simple day of shooting, become a nail biting battle royale to see who would be the one to eat the feared Habanero chili. The end result isn't pretty. To hear more about our experience head to Music:
Cat and Lawson see if they have what it takes to rob a bank in the fully immersed simulation game 'small time criminals'. Read more on their blog
The Great Ocean Road Adventure. Follow Lawson and I on our journey down the coast and all the adventures we get up to along the way.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: Watch Cat and Lawson become the lords of T-Town as they tackle the surf in Torquay.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: Nothing you can do about those god damn mother truckers. Ep 3 of our great ocean road adventure shows the lengths you need to go to, to prepare for some zip lining.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: We had an unfortunate run-in with some locals in ep 4 of our great ocean road adventure.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: Time to take our great ocean road adventure from the road to the sky.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: Our Last day and our last stop Hot shots Paintball.
Great Ocean Road Adventure: In this final installment, Lawson and Cat get to take pot shots at each other at hot shots paint pall.