Celebrity Magician Lawson Reeves brings magic and flair to any type of event, with a twist that no other magician in Australia has - his name!

Lawson became known for his magic after spent many hours entertaining his fellow housemates in the 2014 season of Big Brother. As a professional magician and charismatic entertainer he has delighted thousands by combining his love of magic with a natural talent for story telling.

"My love of Magic all started when I was bought a magic kit by from my Nan at age 9. I would put on shows for my family and friends at bbq's and parties. It wasn't until I was 18 that I started to want to learn more. I knew a couple of card tricks that would get great reactions and it built from there. I became addicted with wanting to know how tricks were done and wouldn't stop until I could perform them. Not knowing any magicians myself I am completely self taught. Something that started as a hobby has turned into the profession that it is today" 

Whether it be at your next black tie event, business conference, corporate dinner or event, Lawson guarantees to leave your guests speechless with his unique and charming style of close up magic.


"Lawson attended the Speakerbook Melbourne showcase as a special guest and was invited on stage to perform an impromptu magic trick. Everyone was captivated with his humorous storytelling and his magic trick was a huge hit. Lawson is very clever, very funny and his relaxed approach is very appealing. No cheesy magic here. 100% pure entertainment". 
-Merryn Williams, Co Founder of Speakerbook.

'Lawson Reeves was captivating and suspenseful and had everyone from the older crowd to the kids thoroughly entertained. We'd certainly recommend Lawson for any event, he was a very welcome addition to ours and we'd have him back in a heartbeat' 
-Ashleigh Atkinson. Cure for MND Event.

Up coming Shows

2 Guys, 1  Magic Show, No Idea

Criss Angel without the six pack, David Copperfield without the mullet, Siegfried and Roy without being mauled by tigers.

 If you think you know what to expect from a magic show, think again, this comedy magic duo are more likely to pull a hare out of their ass then a rabbit out of a hat. Lawson Reeves and Josh Staley are bound to make you laugh until you stop and have you saying “how the f**k did they do that?”

You paid for an entire seat but you’re only going to need the edge as this dysfunctional duo take you on a journey down the rabbit hole and into a world full of hilarious magic and disbelief.

With a different ending every night, 2 Guys, 1 Magic Show, No Idea is more unpredictable than a US election.

Show Details


Location: Carson Place, Off Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Date and Time: 

Monday 10th April 2017         5:30pm

Tuesday 11th April 2017          5:30pm

Wednesday 12th April 2017   5:30pm

Thursday 13th April 2017       5:30pm

Friday 14th April 2017            5:30pm

Saturday 15th April 2017        5:30pm

Sunday 16th April 2017          5:30pm


Full                               $32

Concession                 $28

Members                     $26

Group (6+)                  $25