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CAPE TOWN - South Africa Part 3

Cape Town was the final destination on our South African adventure. Cape Town is such a beautiful place to visit and surprisingly has many similarities to Australia, giving it an almost familiar and homely feel. There are a million things to see and do here, so instead of trying to cover it all, we thought we would give you the highlights that we found.

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SAFARI - South Africa Part 2

There is a lot to see in South Africa but the main draws for us was of course going on Safari. All zoo's have now been ruined for us after being able to see some amazing animals, just doing there own thing in the wild. Let us take you on our wilderness adventure. 

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JOHANNESBURG - South Africa Part 1

Thanks to Wild Collective and Nicky Arthur PR, we were given an amazing opportunity to explore South Africa. Our first stop after 23 hours in transit was Johannesburg. There is so much to cover that we have decided to talk about it in sections: Crime, Air BNB, Soweto and the history of apartheid

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