Dine with Heart

The St Kilda precinct is one of Melbourne's favourite playgrounds.  It draws local's and tourists for its vibrant nightlife, sidewalk cafes and boutique shopping. With the help of the Sacred Heart Mission over the month of May,  St Kilda will now also become known for it's sense of community and support of people in need.  Dine with Heart enables Melbournians to enjoy the finest cuisine Melbourne has to offer whilst simultaneously supporting the city's homeless. During the month of May participating restaurants, cafes and bars will join forces with their diners to raise money to support Sacred Heart Mission’s Meals Program, which provides hearty, free meals for up to 400 people every day of the year. It costs Sacred Heart Mission $4 to provide a homeless person with a meal. Think about it! For the cost of your daily coffee, you could help to feed someone in need.

To launch Dine with Heart month, we attended a tasting to sample some of the amazing food these participating restaurants have on offer. Unlike other events, this launch wasn't held in a fancy venue with mood lighting and all the other bells and whistles. It was held at the Sacred Heart Mission Dining Hall where hundreds of Melbourne's socially disadvantaged and isolated come everyday of the year to share a meal.  We can't think of a better way to support the community than by sharing a meal at one of the participating restaurants, which gives someone in need the chance to also share a meal. 


It’s your opportunity to EAT GOOD. DO GOOD. FEEL GOOD #DineWithHeart


Collingwood – The Craft & Co, The Robert Burns Hotel, Pavlov’s Duck,

South Melbourne – St Ali

St Kilda – Luxembourg, Donovans, Uncle, Captain Baxter, Fitzrovia, Roxborough, Dr Jekyll, Phamish, Dog’s Bar, Radio Mexico

Ripponlea – Ripponlea Food & Wine

Prahran – Grill’d Windsor, Maker & Monger

Fitzroy – Mr Ottorino,

CBD – I Saluministi

Richmond – Goat Bar

North Carlton – Green Park Dining

Ascot Vale - Azuleijo

Melbourne - Ardor Food Co Gluten Free



I'm not going to lie, I felt a little bit stupid rocking up to the Dine with Heart launch, all dressed up in my favourite outfit of the day (which I will probably hate now that I've worn it once) and my high heels. I had spent an hour getting ready, while whinging to Lawson that I hated my life because I had nothing to wear. I was tying to explain to him, that as a blogger, once I've been photographed in an outfit I feel like I can't wear it again. I was having a long conversation about how stressful it can be to have a new outfit for every event we attend.  I wanted to curl up and die once I walked into the Sacred Heart Mission Dining Hall, right past the very people this fundraiser is aimed at helping. It was a well needed smack in the face with the reality of what real hardship can be. Anything I'd found stressful only minutes earlier seemed so minuscule now. 

There was such a sense of community and support created by this Dine With Heart launch. Everyone involved donated their time and skills for the soul purpose of helping Melbourne's homeless, which despite seeing in increasing numbers sleeping on the streets, can be easy to push out of your mind. After hearing real stories of some of the people Sacred Heart Mission have helped, it was a no-brainer... this is a charity I want to get behind. 

Because I don't really have any skills to offer them, the only thing I can do is create awareness. So that's what I'm doing now. Dine with Heart month is this May. Grab a group of friends and head to one of the participating restaurants for a feast. Why not eat, so that someone else gets the chance to eat too.



I had no idea what to expect as we rocked up to the tastings for the launch of Dine with Heart. Things were very quickly put into perspective as we made our way to the Sacred Heart Dining Hall. It was raining outside and as we entered the property we passed a large group of people who were making use of the generosity and help offered by the Sacred Heart Mission. I felt guilty walking past all these people who were much worse off than me. In that moment I thought about all the small things I had taken for granted that day. I was showered, well groomed, dry, had a roof over my head, knew where my next meal was coming from and drove to the event.

These people were doing things tough, each have their own story and most importantly each is a human being and, no matter what has happened, deserve to be happy and healthy.

There are so many worthy causes out there that it can some times become overwhelming to know which one to support; so most of the time you don't end up supporting any. Dine with Heart is a great way to get involved in your community. It is as simple as getting a group of friends together and going out for dinner at one of the participating restaurants. That's it! Seems easy doesn't it? That's because it is. Buy yourself a meal and in turn you are helping to feed someone else.

After trialing some of the incredibly delicious foods that are available at the participating restaurants and hearing all the good work that Sacred Heart Mission do I couldn't stand by and do nothing. As well as raising awareness for Dine with Heart month, in May, I am also donating my time as a magician to bring some joy to those who are doing it tough and could definitely use a smile. Many hands make light work. So, if we all do just a little bit to help out others it will make the world a better place.