Wine For Dudes Tour


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when visiting the Margaret River, going on a wine tour was mandatory. Margaret River has over 100 wineries in the region and many wine tour operators. Wine for Dudes came highly recommended to us as one of the best operating in the area. I know what you're thinking ... is Wine For Dudes the first ever all male wine tour? I must admit, I first had that thought when I heard the name, however wine for dudes is also for dudettes. When chatting to our tour guide, he explained that 'dudes' was a general term used to describe younger people. The aim of Wine For Dudes is to capture a younger, more hip crowd. They offer a more relaxed experience that is both simple and fun, while breaking down the intimidating barriers that can be created by a more pretentious wine tour.  

We decided to take their signature 'wine, food and beer' tour, because why not try it all.? The tour includes:

 -Complimentary pick up/drop off directly from the hotel 

-Tastings at four boutique award-winning wineries

-Tastings at two gourmet food producers

-Exclusive wine blending experience where you get to blend your own wine

-A delicious gourmet lunch, and 

-Finish the day up at the local microbrewery

The advantage of visiting the wineries with a tour group, instead of visiting them privately, is you get to make use of the cellar door discounts that are provided exclusively to the tour groups. 


CAT's Side

I like wine and that's about all I can tell you about wine. If you asked me to describe flavour or smells, the most detail you'll get out of me is that it's either red or white. I will admit I was one of those people that believed for a long time red wine came from red grapes and white wine came from green grapes. However, when travelling to the Margaret River for the first time I prepared myself to get fully immersed into the world of wine. I also prepared myself for the fact that I may be surrounded by a bunch of wine experts who would know straight away that I didn't fit in. I practised saying words like Tannin's, Earthy and Oaky so they would roll off the tongue casually, like they were in my everyday vocabulary.

In the end, all this preparation was for nothing. Everyone on the Wine For Dudes tour was in a similar boat to me, just a bunch of fun people wanting to enjoy some wine, without any pretentiousness. 

One thing that made this tour stand out in my eyes was that it wasn't all about the wine. I'm quite a lightweight with drinking, so physically don't have the capacity to smash wine all day. I know there is a bucket to spit in if you don't want to drink it, but I've always struggled with that. It seems as soon as the wine hits my lips, my throat automatically wants to swallow. So the fact that we also had an amazing gourmet lunch, sampled some amazing local produce and even switched to beer from the microbrewery, meant that I really got to pace myself. 

We got to meet some great people, who had travelled to the region from all over the world. We were all feeling particularly social by the end of the tour, that's for sure. Wine is definitely a social lubricant and we were all well lubricated by the end. 

To top off the day we were driven directly back to our hotel by our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. Meaning it didn't matter at that point that I had completely forgotten where I was staying. Their local knowledge of the area meant I could briefly close my eyes then magically appear at my home.   



I was never a big fan of wine and I have never drunk it, except of course when I was younger and would buy a bag of Fruity Lexia, but that wasn’t for taste, even though strangely enough I did enjoy it, but more for cost efficiency. Let's just take a moment to also appreciate the goon sack, what a multi-functional piece of equipment! First, it got you hammered drunk and then doubled as a pillow and could also be used as a flotation device if necessary.

I only started to drink wine when we were in the Big Brother house, though I wasn’t much of a fan and the other housemates all seemed to be connoisseur’s, however beggars cant be choosers.

I hate the pretentiousness that can be connected to wine and that is probably the reason I had stayed away from wine tours. I didn’t feel like it was going to be my scene. I knew with Cat coming to Perth for Christmas that we were heading down south and we couldn’t not check out the wineries and beautiful scenery that goes along with it.

To be honest, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it until I found Wine for Dudes. Straight off the bat, I knew we had picked a winner.

Wine For Dudes have created a winery tour that is relaxed, easy-going, light-heated, informative and fun. I had a really good time on the tour and actually learnt a lot about wine. I was surprised to find out that it’s illegal to put anything other than grapes in a bottle of wine in Australia. This might seem obvious, but I was curious how all these people were tasting flavours like passionfruit, orange, berries, cherries and everything else under the sun in the bottle, when there are only grapes inside the bottle.

It was a great day out. We drank wine, sampled all sorts of products, stuffed our faces full of gourmet pizzas (highlight) and even had a crack at making our own blend using all the beakers and test tubes. It was a very hands on day. That being our hands on many glasses of wine!