St Jerome's The Hotel

Most of our experiences with hotels have always revolved around the concept and excitement of of travelling somewhere. At St Jerome's, it's the Hotel itself that becomes the experience and we didn't want to leave. St Jerome's is "Glampling" at its best. This mini tent city is erected in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, on the rooftop of Melbourne Central. The concierge desk located next to the Strike Bowling is the only clue that this little slice of heaven even exists.  There are 20 world-class canvas bell tents in total, all dressed luxuriously with their own theme.  They come with heating and cooling; so there is no issues with braving the elements. As you drift to sleep it becomes easy to believe that you could be anywhere in the world . The sounds of the city are the only giveaway that you're in fact not out in the wilderness. It's not only the amenities that ooze luxury, it's the entire experience. At the entrance to the rows of tents is the General Store; here we were able indulge in sweet treats during high tea, cocktails for cocktail hour, sliders and chips from Grill'd and to finish it all off, a custom-made gelato  from Messina for dessert. The following morning we were awoken (not to early) with a hand delivered breakfast and coffee. The only thing that softened the blow of having to check out was the complimentary game at Strike Bowling, all on St Jerome's! 

CAT'S side

Being the amazing boyfriend Lawson is, he surprised me with a night at St Jerome’s- the hotel. The only clue I had to what was in store was I told to pack an overnight bag. I was really excited when I first arrived . I'd heard from others who had tried it and loved it! I'd also heard that they've hosted some pretty cool events where you can experience what they have to offer without having to stay the night.

Even though camping isn't really my thing I could tell straight away this is something completely different! The concierge desk was hard to find at first because it’s literally just a desk next to Strike Bowling with a lady sitting behind it. It's the only give away that the hotel is even there!

When we checked in she ran us through exactly what the night would entail, including selecting our food choices for the night and for breakfast. That alone was enough to rave about, it was all my favourite comfort foods like Grill'd and Messina. I was already in food heaven, plus the convenience of the Melbourne central food court down stairs meant I could over indulge all night.  Then we were then given a tour of the entire hotel. It was really cool to see the whole set up; all the tents lined up with their own little space so you feel like you have some seclusion from the other campers.  I was most curious about the toilet facilities and they even beat my expectations! Each tent had its own luxury portable ensuite with toilet, shower and basin all in the one space and they're heated and cooled depending on the weather!

We decided to check out the General Store for cocktail hour. It gives you the chance to mingle with some of the other campers if you choose. It was interesting to find out what brought other people to St Jerome’s. Most of the campers were also from Melbourne and all seemed to have been given a free night stay as part of a marketing campaign. There were games and books provided but we were more interested testing out the bar tender's cocktail making skills, which funnily enough got better the more I had! 

The tent itself was roomy enough, although the closer you got to the edges some ducking was required. I had a comfortable night's sleep; although the sound of the city did make it a little hard to nod off initially.

Breakfast delivered to the tent in the morning was a nice final touch. I’m excited to say I would come back and try St Jerome's again soon! 


I had heard about a place in the city where you camped on the rooftop of a building in the heart of Melbourne. As soon as I heard about it I knew we had to check it out. What an exciting adventure right on our back door step.

As soon as we got to St Jerome’s, I knew we had made the right decision. If you’re thinking “camping in the city, pffft I'll pass”… then think again!  St Jerome’s is 5 star camping or more specifically "Glamping".

There was such a chilled relaxed vibe, which was a lovely juxtaposition from the hustle and bustle of what was happening down below us. Our host ,who kept us company and convinced us we shouldn’t feel guilty for smashing all the complimentary (delicious) cupcakes, made us a fair few cocktails. All of which were of his own concoction including one with lime, spiced rum, alcoholic ginger beer, berries and rosemary (which is the best cocktail I have had to date).

We had our own "room" with enough space between us and the next tent to feel like we were alone. We smashed out a heap of "Hamish and Andy - Gap Years" episodes on our personal tablet and finished the night off with spaghetti and meatballs and  ice-cream from Messina.

I loved St Jerome’s, I literally can’t find a fault!  I loved the fact we were camping in the city above everyone... oblivious to the paradise we were experiencing!