Great Ocean Road Adventure - aka GORA


“The mere whisper of the name Lamborghini is enough to set the heart on fire” -Unique Car Rentals.

 When you read this and then find yourself in the position to be able to drive one of these bad boys, how can you not jump at the opportunity. Thanks to ‘Unique Car Rentals’ we were given the luxury of being able to drive the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder LP560-4 for 3 days. Driving along the Great Ocean Road was an easy choice when deciding where to try and tame the bull. The car marked the start of what we now lovingly refer to as our “Great Ocean Road Adventure”

On day one we were able to test the cars handling ability as we drove 291 km along the winding coast from Melbourne to Port Campbell stopping along the way in Torquay.  Day two we drove another 198 km from Port Campbell more inland via Colac back to Angelsea. This really gave us a chance to test the speed of the car on the open road. By day three we had well and truly fallen in love and made the sad 189km home from Angelsea to Melbourne via Geelong

And here's what we did along the way……….

Go Ride a Wave.

In Torquay we decided to take the plunge and learn to surf. ‘Go Ride A Wave’ have been teaching surfing since 1987 and made it a fun experience for both of us who have very different levels of experience. The lessons are run mostly in waist deep water, using soft foam boards, meaning that a majority of people will be able to stand up in their first lesson. This was true for the both of us (even if only for a short time).

Twelve Apostles

The twelve apostles are a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park. They form a breath taking tourist attraction which I recommend people make an effort to see.  Only eight are now remaining, with the latest one falling in 2005.

Anchors Port Campbell

We spent the night in the secluded boutique hotel called ‘Anchors Port Campbell’. It comprises of three free standing villas that featured amazing panoramic views of the countryside and ocean. I would describe it as modern and luxurious. Which was fitting given the car we were driving.

Otway Fly

The Otway Fly is an eco wilderness adventure that allows you to zip line 30m above the Otway forest floor.  One of us decided the only way to fully experience this was in true web slinger fashion, dressed in a spiderman morph suit. The zip line tour takes around 2 hours and is more educational then adrenaline pumping.

Australian Sky Diving

After having well and truly seen the Great Ocean Road from the ground, it was time to take the adventure to the sky. Since the Otway Fly hadn’t peaked our adrenaline as much as expected we decided skydiving was the only logical next step. Australian skydiving have been operating for over 5 year and boasts one of the highest safety records in Australian skydiving history. This was all I needed to know.  

Hotshots Paintball

Our final stop before having to say goodbye to our new love forever was Hot Shots paintball in Geelong. I was told by the owner that it was voted as “Australia’s most awesome Paintball Skirmish adventure park”. It did make me start to wonder how people were actually voting for this, but after seeing the elaborately built fields I could no longer doubt that this statement was true. The sheer joy you get from being able to shoot your partner with a paintball is the highlight of this place. Once you have felt the sting of the pellet it makes you even more determined to shoot accurately and inflict the same pain on someone else. The setup of each field was amazing at transporting you to another time and place. The only give away that you weren’t in the wild west or WWII was the splatters of brightly coloured paint. 

CAT'S side

Even though we under took this trip almost a year ago, I still think of it regularly as one of my favorite getaway’s (and that includes overseas trips we’ve taken since). A big part of it was to do with the car. Despite being afraid to drive the thing out of the lot, it was the first time I’ve actually loved the driving part of a road trip. The opportunity to drive the car almost didn’t eventuate. Lawson was the one who was enquiring about the car and at first they had said no because you have to be over 25 to drive it, which Lawson isn’t. It was finally this moment that we both realized the benefits of having an older girlfriend, I was able to hire a Lamborghini for you. I made sure to rub it in that technically I would be the only one able to drive the car (of course while out of sight of the dealership, I let him have a little spin behind the wheel, what’s the worst that could happen right?). The worst part was that I had to be the one to drive it off the lot in front of all the staff. Having never driven this type of car before I was confused by all the buttons and controls because they were completely foreign and I had convinced myself that I was going to ding it in front of everyone. After getting her on the road completely incident free I was able to relax and quickly grew accustomed to its handling and fell in love. I didn’t want to give it back. The other amazing part about the trip was the amount of sightseeing we were able to pack into three days. It was all stuff that was technically local to me, although I had never done it before.  Surfing has always been on my bucket list, so to cross that off and say that I could stand up on a wave was a highlight. The other highlight was the non stop laughs that we had along the way. I mean who else could come up with the idea to wear a full Spiderman morph suit while going zip lining. The amount of attention Lawson got from that suit was amazing. Every tourist we saw wanted a photo, and it wasn’t because of his good looks either because his head was completely covered. Even though I had skydived before, it was still as adrenaline pumping as I remembered. We felt since we’d seen the great ocean road so well from the ground it was only fair that we see it from the sky as well. It was such an amazing view. By far the experience that outweighed them all was hotshot’s paintball. We rocked up and had the entire place to ourselves. The owners let us take over as if it was our own. We were loaded up with all the guns and bullets we could carry and were given a private tour of the whole area and all the courses. We staged our own western shoot out and re-enacted a WW11 battle. Having never been shot by a paintball before, I had no fear, that’s the joy of ignorance. After hours of playing around neither one of us had actually landed a bullet. We decided the only fair way was to stand 10 meters away from each other and take pot shots at each other. I manage to get hit just above the groin, right where the tender bit of skin is. I will now be a bit more weary of being hit by a paintball (aka painball) having just experienced that sting. The intense pain does disappear quickly although the mark is a bit longer lasting. The pièce de résistance was a sneak peak, (which is the best kind of peak) at their upcoming attraction not yet open to the public. We were able to ride around on a genuine WW11 tank. While a more bumpy ride than the Lambo, it was almost as unforgettable. 

LAWSON' side

When I found out that we were going to make the three day road trip in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder convertible I was like a child on Christmas day. I had never been in and probably won’t ever get in a car like this ever again, so to be able to call that car ours for three days had me smiling from ear to ear, but I’m pretty sure I played it cool. From now on I’m going to refer to the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder as Eleanor (homage to the mustang in Gone in 60 seconds, great film by the way!) Legally I was not allowed to drive sweet Eleanor because I’m under 25 and the insurance doesn’t cover me, which is ridiculous as I’m a much better driver than Cat, but thems the rules around these parts. Luckily dating a cougar has its benefits which meant that Cat was way way way more than qualified in age to drive Eleanor. I can’t thank Unique Car Rentals enough for the opportunity they gave us to explore Victoria’s coast line. The biggest challenge I was going to face on the road trip by far was the overwhelming temptation I was already feeling to get behind the wheel of such an incredibly sexy car.

Do you ever get that feeling that something is just going to go wrong?  Well this time it was a bank issue, our deposit was more than the limit on the card which had my heart racing, I was nervous that all the planning we had done to set this adventure up could all come crashing down before we had even left the lot. A few quick calls to the bank and we were back on the road. As long as we didn’t crash what else could go wrong?

One thing we hadn’t expected about driving such an awesome car is the amount of weirdos it attracts.  This interesting chap saw that we were filming and came over for a sticky beak. I find it funny how when people see a camera it brings out something inside them that makes them put on a show. This guy wanted to tell joke, after joke, after joke that slowly got more and more dirty. I really wanted to use the footage we had of this guy but decided against it after watching it back. I had forgotten how dirty some of his jokes got.

When you arrive in a surf town (like Torquay) you can’t not go for a surf, or at least give it an attempt. Go Ride a Wave Torquay is literally the last building before the beach, so we got suited up and walked down to the water. I could tell Cat was nervous. Surfing can be a nerve-wracking experience especially because she didn’t know what to expect.  I’m no Kelly Slater but at least I had been on a board a couple of times before. Now that I think about it, I had already taken some lessons with Go Ride a Wave in Perth. I kept that information to myself so that my surfing skills would look way more impressive, but that wasn't the case at all. For some reason I’d gotten it into my head that I was going to be getting some gnarly barrels, be in the green room and frothing some hectic waves or whatever the kids are saying these days, it was very far from that. We both managed to stand up and I had a good couple of waves but I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon.

Given the long drive to Port Campbell, we nearly missed the 12 Apostles. They were one of the main reasons for the trip, we parked just as the sun was going down and had to sprint to them (that’s how pushed for time we were).  The moment I saw the apostles (which are eerily peaceful to look at) I thanked past Lawson for making the decision to squeeze in the visit, because pictures just do not do them justice. It’s sad to think that someday they will not be standing and I’m happy to say I saw them.

We managed to make it to our accommodation in Port Campbell just as the sun was setting. I kicked myself, when I saw the place and the view, that we didn’t have longer to spend just soaking it in because it was absolutely breathtaking. So much so, that Cat and I intend to go back solely to spend a couple of days at Anchors Port Campbell.  The scenery out there is like something from a movie. Once again all this is on our back door and so many people don’t know it and haven’t experienced it. 

The next day we got to Otway Fly super early and were the only ones on the tour. Before I go any further, you need to know I’m the type to buy random things off the internet that some people might think are pointless or have no use… the time I bought my movie quality personally fitted Spiderman morph suit (which even came into the BB house). This became one of those times that one off my purchases paid off.  There is no other way to sling through the Otway Fly rain Forrest than dressed as Spiderman. The only down side was it was a little more revealing once I put on the harness, but when you are Spiderman these are the problems you must deal with.

I have a bucket list of things to do before I die, one of which is too sky dive naked. When we were booking our jumps we asked if this would be something that is possible, the reply we got was “as long as its ok with your jump instructor.” which is fair seeing as though he would have to have my bare ass on his groin for an entire jump, but I had my fingers crossed. Rocking up my instructor was a very eccentric guy so I thought I might be in with a chance…..that’s until we started talking logistics. The fact I had overlooked was there was a good chance we’d be coming in to land on our asses. With no pants on that would mean my "landing gear" could potentially get a real good scraping, so instead I opted for doing it shirtless (although secretly gutted). Cat jumped first out of the plane first which is why after I jumped and my shoot opened I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t see her below me. It was only once back on the ground that my instructor told me he couldn’t find the cord to pull so we fell for longer than we should have, right past Cat. There I was in the air having a great time, adrenalin pumping, taking in the rush of air against my face and little did I know I could have been falling to my death.  The up side was I got to free fall for waaaayyyyyy longer, which is the best part. Of course I ended up making an ass landing, which made me all the more thankful for past Lawson’s decision to wear pants. Cat sailed down after me and landed so easily on her feet like a bloody spy. Very impressive stuff.

I had been waiting most patiently for our last stop, Hot Shots paintball and for only one reason. Cat had never been shot by a paintball and she agreed to let me be the one to change that. What an idiot!!!! Hot Shots aren’t messing around, I’ve been to a few paintball places before, these guys take the cake they have some serious battle fields, including a full size bridge and dam with war trenches, as if that wasn’t enough, once on the bridge you drop the plunger sending explosions of water sky rocketing into the air.

The time had come to shoot Cat. I used a couple of practice shots to line up my bullets. I wanted to hit her right in the thigh a nice fleshy part…Excited was an understatement. I missed her thigh and hit just under her chest plate (which is protecting her assets) and into the groin, still a very enjoyable moment for me. However fair is fair and if you haven’t been hit with a paintball you also haven’t shot someone with a paintball so we reversed roles. I was nervous, it’s actually not as easy as I thought too stare down the barrel of the gun. In my head all I’m thinking is don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch. That didn’t happened, I flinched every time I heard the bullets whizzing by me. Hit me right in the monkey bubble (the space at the top of your forearm just before your elbow joint)

Hot Shots has an attraction that was still in development, a real world war 2 tank, naturally we wanted in and before we knew it we were humming around in a beast of a machine. The power of that tank was incredible. I was surprised at how fast it could go. To make it even more incredible as we exited the bush a herd of kangaroos came bounding along side the tank it was an amazing way to finish what had been the best road trip to date.