Go Shooting

After being inspired by the recent Olympic games, we thought we should try our hand at a sport we've never played before. Given both of our fitness levels we thought a sport that involved a lot of standing still would suit us perfectly.  Go Shooting gives you the opportunity to give clay target shooting a go, with training and guidance from some of the world’s best shooting coaches, including Olympic gold medalist Russell Mark and Commonwealth gold medalist Lauryn Mark. Anyone can participate in clay target shooting no matter your age, gender or level of ability. You’ll be surprised at what you can do and Russell and Lauryn even guarantee you will hit a target! Go shooting is perfect for bucks and hens parties, birthdays or for anyone just wanting to have a go.

Anyone for a good old fashioned shoot out? How about the loser has to eat a Chilli!!!!!!!! 

CAT'S Side

The closest I've ever come to shooting is watching a documentary about America. So when Lawson suggested we try it, I almost felt like it was something imaginary like riding a unicorn. My second reaction was instant fear, a fear that I would have an inability to hold a gun and couldn't stop picturing it flying out of my hands after pulling the trigger.  I was wrong on both accounts. Going shooting definitely was real and I held on to that gun like my life depended on it.....well....realistically, my life probably did depend on it. After a few warm up shots I actually felt at ease with the gun. I was confident I could control, aim and fire the thing. Surprisingly It was heavier than I thought it would be, my weak little girl arms were getting tired already and we'd only finished the warm up. After a quick rest to recover from the practice session it was time to start taking it seriously.  During the shootout my extreme competitiveness gave me the thirst to take Lawson down......Especially given the loser had to eat a chilli and I did not want that to be me. I had way more fun than I ever thought I would. The cherry on the top was to this day, I can still say I've never eaten a habanero chilli. Lawson is not so fortunate.   


If there is a possibility for Cat and I to have some healthy competition then we will both jump at the opportunity, so when I suggested we should have a crack at clay target shooting naturally we turned it into a competition. Neither of us had ever done it before but at least I had fired a gun previously. I was quietly confident that I would take this one out. We rocked up nice and early, the sun was shining but that did not stop the ice cold winds from having us shaking more than a Shelbyville impound owners fist (shake harder boy!) It was clear to see that this was not our instructor's (and Olympic shooting couple, Russel and Lauryn's) first rodeo. They boast that in all the years they have been doing this, no one had ever not hit any of the targets. Pretty hard to miss with instructors that have so much experience under their belt.

I was nervous when we first started but as soon as it was my turn I found it came quite naturally to me. We put that down to the fact that buck hunter is my favourite game in the arcade. By the time we had gotten to the last target of the day I was absolutely destroying Cat on the tally board and I was not being humble about it. The last target was also the hardest to hit all day and was actually of Olympic standards. Being so far ahead having heard how hard the shot was to make, and actually missing it myself, I thought we could make things interesting. After all there was no way Cat was going to make that shot. The decision of who was going to eat the chilli came down to one bullet and a whole lot of luck. I never thought Cat would actually hit the target but low and behold the orange mist of the shattering target was my demise. I didn't know how to feel, I was gutted that I would be having to eat a habanero chilli that all day I thought Cat was going to be eating, yet on the other hand I was proud as punch that Cat had actually made what seemed to be an impossible shot. The fact I had lost the competition between Cat and myself was only slightly bearable due to the fact that overall I came second, winning myself a mighty fine silver medal.

I really didn't want to eat that chilli (who in their right mind would?) but Cat won fair and square. I'm not a massive fan of spicy food so dreaded the deep burn that seemed to build and build. I tried milk for relief but even that was short lived. Worst part about the whole thing was when you eat a chilli it burns twice once on the way in and once....well I'm sure you can work it out.

If I can give one tip for shooting it would be to make sure your cheek stays firmly on the gun when you are firing, otherwise you will end up with a very sore and bruised cheek for days after.