Glass Merchants - Cafe

Going for dinner seems to be most people's "go to" dining experience, however most people are missing out on one of the best dining experiences there is......... BRUNCH. Nothing beats a perfectly made coffee and the knowledge that you still have the rest of the day to work off the calories you might have over indulged in.  When it comes to brunching, the GLASS MERCHANTS have nailed it. The large open space is  full of eclectic and industrial furniture and pop art, that is instantly welcoming. There are large tables for bigger groups as well as smaller more intimate nooks for hiding away. The Glass Merchants serve up all day breakfast and an exceptional lunch menu. They achieve what Melbourne food has become famous for....that's giving a classic dish a new and modern spin. With a quick reshuffle of some furniture this place also makes for a great event or function space.

CAT's Side

I am only new to the world of coffee. The first ever coffee I ever drank was in the Big Brother house. It was driven out of pure desperation, as some days we were so sleep deprived it was the only way to push through. Of course this was instant coffee, so if you can grow to love that (which I did) then the first store bought coffee is a whole other experience.

My go to coffee order is a flat white in a take away cup (even if I'm dining in). The reason I drink flat white is because when I was ordering coffee for the first time after coming out of the house, I had no idea what to order. I'd never done it before. I literally ordered the first thing on the menu and have stuck with it ever since. 

This new love of coffee has lead to a new love of brunch. It literally is my favourite time of day to eat out. And, while I'm talking about favourite things, the Glass Merchants has now topped the list as my favourite brunch place. I heard about this place through word of mouth and now feel it's my duty to continue to spread the word. The eclectic/industrial dining space is like you've stepped back in time with an overwhelming 80's vibe done tastefully. There is so much to take in I almost forgot to even look at the menu. 

It makes the ideal place to play our newly invented game 'Brunch Roulette'.  Great thing is at Glass Merchants no matter what you pick you almost can't go wrong! For anyone inspired to give this game a test run, I recommend picking something you think your partner would never think to choose for themselves. It's about pushing people outside their comfort zone plus.......... it's only food.......what's the worst that could happen!


On my list of things to do before I die I have two restaurant related topics. I would like something named after me on a menu and I would like to be able to walk into a restaurant and have the wait staff say, “Just the usual?”

As it stands I am not close to achieving either of these goals. I find when you go to a new place to eat there is always that thought in the back of my head, “have I made the right decision.” There is always so much to consider with a new restaurant- type of cuisine, price, layout, service, quantity/quality of food, waiting time and most importantly the vibe of the place. All these things crossed my mind when deciding on a place to eat. You might think I’m taking it a little too serious but this is food we are talking about, delicious mouth watering food!

The Glass Merchants in Balaclava is the perfect spot too sit back and enjoy a coffee in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Walking through the giant glass doors takes you into an open planned industrial building with high ceilings, loads of natural light and fresh and funky vibe. The rustic feel of the old building coupled with fresh street and pop art makes it a hard place not to love.

Cat had the idea to play a game of brunch roulette (a game she made up on the way over there to make things more interesting.). I can see how you might think the idea is to pick something really bad so your partner has to eat it but even though that sounds like something Cat and I would play, it is impossible at the Glass Merchants. I don’t think you could make a bad decision. In saying that, obviously I had things that jumped out at me from the menu and  I secretly was hoping Cat would pick for me.

The coffee was great and even though the food came quickly and we had eaten, we were in no rush to leave. The space is inviting, relaxing and there is enough room so you do not feel like you are on top of the other peeps enjoying themselves. Oh! and added bonus points for the old school sit down table top arcade machine.