UberEats 1st Birthday

To celebrate their first year in Melbourne, UberEats threw a 1st birthday party and invited all their friends to come along. It wasn't any different to any other 1st Birthday's we'd been too, in the sense that; all the guests were adults, there were copious amounts of food and alcohol and the person who's birthday it was, is oblivious to what's actually going on around them.  

The theme of the party was Celebrate Melbourne and this was captured perfectly among the Melbourne city skyline of St Jerome's the Hotel (click Here to read about our previous stay at the St Jerome's hotel.) The event showcased food from some of Melbourne's best restaurants including; Poke me, On It Burgers, Fonda, Vegie Bar, Bagelicious, Two Fat Indians, Pidapipo and Mister Minh. Which of course can all be delivered to your door with UberEats. 

As we made our way down the isle of food samples, it was a great little reminder of the amazing caliber of food that Melbourne has to offer. Not to mention we could also be enjoying all of this great food from the comfort of our own home, while wearing pj's. Thanks UberEats for appealing to our love of food and laziness simultaneuosly .


CAT's Side

I have been in many arguments with people over which is better, Uber vs's Taxi. For me, Uber has always been the winner hands down for so many reasons. Uber has never refused to take me home from a club because my house is in the wrong direction, Uber is more affordable and I don't have to worry about having cash on me. I've never had to wait ages on hold trying to book an Uber, because at the click of a button I know the name of my driver and how long away he is, and can call him directly if there are any problems.

So when UberEats began, I too thought they could do no wrong. Initially, there were a few teething problems and given there were so many other home delivery apps available it really took me a while to jump on board.

When UberEats first started, I couldn't even get food delivered to my house because I lived outside the cutoff delivery zone. To top it all off, I found it to be quite expensive in comparison. However, after giving it several more attempts, I found that every time I opened the app I would get excited about the food on offer. It wasn't the same pizza, pasta, Thai and burgers that were repeatedly coming up on the other apps. I was able to order from the same amazing restaurants that I was used to dining at around Melbourne. 

I still stand by the fact I think it's on the more expensive side, so I wont use UberEats every time. What attending the 1st Birthday helped me realise, was that Melbourne has some fantastic food on offer and UberEats helps bring this amazing top shelf food right to your door step. I don't have to sacrifice the quality and type of food I want to eat, just because I'm being lazy and don't want to leave the house.   



Melbourne is among the worlds best food cities, according to multiple websites, but I didn't need those websites to tell me what I already knew. The standard and passion for food in Melbourne is ridiculously high.

The only thing better than eating at some of the best restaurants Melbourne has to offer is enjoying those same foods in the comfort of your own home. Ten years ago that wouldn't have been possible. Now you can nurse that hang over while dining in your P.J's on some culinary delights.

UberEats turned 1 and to celebrate they held a Melbourne feast at St Jerome's The Hotel showcasing food from some of the most popular restaurants that deliver with UberEats.

I was in heaven!

A special mention has to be said about the Fonda stall which was run by a man called Guppy. Its funny how I can normally be terrible at remembering names but as soon as someone introduces themselves with a unique name I always seems to remember it. I think it has to do with having a last name as a first name and how when asked for my name they always think its my last, so I make an effort to remember the more unique ones.

Guppy wasn't just handing out the food, he was engaging with us, making conversationand inviting us in not with his food but with his personality. You could tell that he really loved his job and loved working for Fonda. 

It was great to see that passion and love of food could be seen and tasted in every food stall on the rooftop. UberEats celebrated their first birthday in Melbourne in style.