Holey Moley Golf Club

The people who revolutionised bowling with the creation of Strike bar, have outdone themselves this time, with an amazing new take on mini golf.  The Holey Moley Golf Club is child like fun crossed with the adult world of clubbing. 

Traditional mini golf has been flipped on it's head (literally if you're on the upside down hole), by blending it with amazing pop culture film references, food that makes you feel like you're at a rich kids birthday party, beloved games from the 80's and a whimsical bar which we're sure can only improve your game.  

As you play through the full 18 hole course you are taken to 18 different worlds and we didn't want to leave. 

The final hole is of course the watering hole. Where the Caddyshack bar can take care of all your 'grub-on-the-green needs'. Feel free to play straight through to this hole if you're more of a spectator. 

CAT's Side

The only time I've ever really played mini golf is when I'm on vacation. For me it's always been that time filling activity I do between reading books or going to the beach. Maybe it's because I've never been any good at it. I was always the recipient of prestigious mini golf awards, such as; the Don Bourke, because I was always gardening (meaning I would always be tearing up the green) and the value for money award (meaning if you divide the cost to play by the number of strokes, I was always the most economical).

Holey Moley gives new meaning to the words Golf Club because its the perfect blend of mini golf and night club. I dare you not to have fun playing on such amazingly crafted courses that literally make you feel like you've jumped into another world.

Be careful not to become over stimulated by the multi-sensory labyrinth that has been created. I'm going to use over-stimulation as my excuse for such a shit score. I couldn't help but get distracted by everything there is to look at, that I completely forgot to take my mini golfing seriously.

Of course, what's mini golfing without the fashion? Lawson and I decided it was important to look the part. We lashed out and bought the fanciest golfing fashion our local op shop could provide. There wasn't really a vote but if there was I'm sure we would have won best dressed for the evening hands down.

I would go as far as saying it's the best mini golf in Australia, par none (I couldn't help but finish with a pun).   


I love a good game of mini golf, growing up in Mandurah my local mini golf was at a place called Kings Carnival right on the banks of the estuary. We used to head down there with a bucket of balls and see who could launch their ball out into the water the furthest. I have always wanted to play on a mini golf course like the one out of Happy Gilmore and Holey Moley has provided just that.

Holey Moley is like stepping into another world entirely. From the moment you walk in the energy is high, the music is pumping, and the golf is mini. You can tell that the mini golf creators who created each hole had a f**k load of fun doing it. The attention to detail and creative imagination of the team at Holey Moley is impressive.

Each hole has it's own theme which depending on the hole could allow for some more unconventional ways of playing the course, including trying to sink a putt on a giant spinning record, starting off another course by dropping your ball through a giant ant farm, battling on a Foosball table to score one less stroke, starting a course by launching your ball through a proper pinball machine and even having your golf ball dematerialise, travel through the air and land inside a T.V like in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

The only negative I could see becoming a little bit frustrating (and actually is a positive for Holey Moley) is that the courses are all so fantastic that we found it hard to play when a bunch of drunk golfers ahead of us were spending all their time photographing themselves on the same courses over and over again instead of playing which slowed up everyone else who was putting in some serious mini golfing. Perhaps a little bit of golf etiquette to the other players would go a long way. Play your hole, score, take your photos and move on. Dont take fifty million photos (on the same course) before you have even had a stroke and then once you have finished, we all wait behind you while you finish trying to chat up the cute boy.

That negative is a positive for Holey Moley because people are appreciating the venue and how much effort has gone into creating a fun world of mini golf that has people losing themselves within the courses.

Ill defintely be heading back to Holey Moley for a putt putt soon.

While most of the photography in this post is courtesy of your's truly, we can't take all the credit. Shout out to Lucas Dawson for assistance with some snaps from the evening.