Night Noodle Market with Menulog's at home zone


The annual Melbourne Night Noodle Markets brings a killer line-up of Asian market stalls, covering street food favourites from Japan, China, Thailand and more.  This year the stalls took over Birrarung Marr in Melbourne’s CBD, just a short walk from Federation Square.

The amazing addition of Menulog’s at home zone meant that some of Australia’s best street food can be delivered straight to your seat. This allows Melburnians to beat the queue and enjoy the best dishes from some of the most popular stalls, such as Black Star Pastry’s Insta-famous ‘Strawberry Watermelon Cake’, Cloud Thief’s winning ‘Bao Trifecta’, Hoy Pinoy’s delicious barbequed skewers, Waffleland’s ‘Waffle on a Stick’ and many more.

Everyone is welcome in the Menulog At Home Zone; it’s completely free to enter, with a complimentary delivery service to your seat. You simply pick a spot in the ‘zone’ and wait for Menulog’s on-site green team to take their order.

This year’s Night Noodle Markets ran from 9 – 26 November, so if you missed it be sure to look out for Melbourne’s best food event again next year.

CAT's Side

When I walked into the Night Noodle Market, the first thing that hit me was the amazing sights and smells of some of Melbourne’s best street food. It had such a buzz, it almost feels like a party. For me, the best way to enjoy a party is by bringing all your friends along, so a few nights prior I set up a group message inviting everyone to come along. I was surprised when people didn’t seem that keen. I kept getting messages saying it’s way to hard to enjoy the Night Noodle Market in a big group because you all get separated and the lines can be too long. That’s why for my (sometimes slightly annoying) friends, the Menulog at home zone was a game changer. Once I’d convinced everyone to come along, we made our way to the ‘Zone’, picked our spot to sit and Menulog took care of the rest.  

Basically, we were presented with a menu from all the stalls within the market with a list of all their best dishes. We were able to order an entrée from nearly every stall and still have it all arrive at the same time. The best bit was that we didn’t have to miss out on quality catch up time by waiting in lines. There is nothing that brings a cheeky smile to my face more than realising I was able to prove all my friends wrong.

My favourite dish was Bosozoku’s Curry Fries. These have now also made it to my list of top ten hangover survival foods.  Even writing about them now is sort of making me crave them. Damn it! Part of me wishes I didn’t know these existed because now it’s all I can think about.  


People who know me know I’m a big fan of food, eating is right up there with sleeping and sex as one of the best things you can do. I take my food very seriously and always stress out when there are too many good things to eat on a menu. How am I meant to make a decision when there are so many options? What if the meal I ordered is a letdown? Any time Cat and I go out to dinner we always decide on two meals together and then just split them in half, that way we get to try to different meal on the menu and if for some reason one sucks it’s only half the meal that sucks and you still have the other half of the meal to save the day. If you are in a relationship and you aren’t doing this then you need to adopt it into your life.

I love my food but my favourite type of cuisine is Asian. The flavours and style of dishes that come out of Asia for me out way any other part of the world so when the night noodle market came around at Birrarung Marr you couldn’t keep me away. Melbourne has some incredible Asian restaurants and to have all of them in one place had me hyperventilating. I start to get anxious like I’m missing out on something so have to go and check out every vendor before I make my decision because what if I make wrong choice?

You can imagine the noodle night market can get pretty busy (no shit! Who wouldn’t head to your one stop shop for every Asian cuisine on a beautiful spring night) which can be the downfall of the market. However the geniuses over at Menulog have solved that problem by creating the ‘At-Home Zone’ where you took a seat and the lovely Menulog staff took your order and went and collected your order not from just one vendor but from any number of vendors that you desired while I just sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine. GENIUS! They literally removed the one part of the noodle night market that can become tedious.

I pretty much just ordered a heap of entrees from each vendor and then sat back and waited while someone else went and collected my orders. It’s literally the service that Menulog offers but on a smaller scale.

After probably ordering maybe a little to much (but still managing to eat it all) I had to get Cat to roll me out of there.