Miznon Australia


Melbourne has become the latest city to welcome Miznon, the world-famous Israeli street food eatery run by celebrity Israeli chef Eyal Shani. Founded in Tel Aviv, the restaurant also has branches in Vienna, Paris and will soon be landing in New York.

Miznon has taken over a three-floor space at 59 Hardware Lane. Although all incarnations of Miznon bear the same name, each is unique in terms of interior and culinary offerings

Nothing about Miznon is orthodox. The action all happens on the lower floor, where guests order at the counter and wait for their names to be called. The table overlooking the open kitchen is by far the best seat in the house, with kitchen staff sneaking you little tit bits of any dish you might like the look of. 

Miznon uses fresh and seasonally inspired ingredients to create authentic gourmet street food. Their vision is to take whole cities and translate them into one pita. To take its energies, its groove, its longings, its limitations, its beauty and its food and express all of that in one pita

CAT'S Side

My favourite part about traveling is getting to try all kinds of weird and wonderful foods from around the world. The amazing thing about living in a multicultural place like Melbourne, is some times you don't even need to leave your own backyard to experience those tastes. 

Recently my taste buds went to Isreal although I only had to visit Hardware lane.  I didn't know much about the place other than their pitas, and as a carb conscious person this had me nervous. Was I really going to let all that hard work in the gym be wasted with an overdose of pita bread? The answer was absolutely! All good intentions go out the window when this amazing pita is placed in front of you. It was so soft you could have used the left overs as a pillow (who am I kidding, there will never be left overs).  The highlight for me was the steak and egg, which almost felt like I should have been eating it for casual Sunday brunch. 

For the carb fearing girls (like I usually am) my tip would be to try the baby cauliflower. It's basically just a roasted cauliflower but with the perfect coating of olive oil and salt that made me want to devour the whole thing, which I think I did. 

This place is fun and energetic. The staff are chatty and their stories become part of your experience. You could easily come here alone and feel like you were eating with friends. Everything is served on paper instead of plates and even though there was cutlery, I'm pretty sure I didn't use it.  For the fashion focused girl, make sure you wear something you're prepared to get food on.  



Hardware Lane is famous for food so I was excited to have my first experience on the lane, what better way to kickstart my hardware lane experiences than with Miznon. As we walked down the steps into Miznon we were greeted by a bunch of smiling faces and an open busy happening kitchen that drew us in.

We sat down in the best seats in the house, right at the bench that faced the kitchen. On a table off to the side was a little station set up with the off cuts from the pitas, sour cream, pickled cabbage, green chilli oil (delicious) and one other dip that I had no clue about but ate anyway (also delicious). Feel more than welcome to help yourself to this station while you figure out what you are going to devour. The reason our seats where the best in the house and the reason why I am explaining the off cuts off pita is because we were in the perfect spot to be given the freshest, softest, warm off cuts  from the delicious pitas being constructed.

We opted for a fish and chip style pita filled with fish, wedges and pickle and we also tried a steak and egg pita that I would highly recommend. Don’t get me wrong I loved them both but honourable mention to the steak and egg it was next level good. If you visit Miznon you can’t leave without trying the baked baby cauliflower, which is an entire cauliflower boiled and then baked in a special oven specifically for the cauliflower. It's cooked in olive oil and salt but amazingly it tastes like it’s been cooked in butter. Simple but so effective.

Make sure to try some of their signature cocktails that are unique and unlike anything I’ve tasted.

Eating at Miznon isn’t just an experience for your tastebuds it’s a complete experience. It has a great atmosphere, delicious food, talented and friendly staff and huge amounts of flavour.